Local Preservation 101

We are working to sketch out the topics, lessons and activities that we plan to include in the first course we are developing for the Local Preservation School. We want to match our approach to the interests of the volunteers, activists and local preservationists who we hope will use our educational resources. Check out our Local Preservation School 101 Public Trello board to share your ideas.

Share your ideas on Trello!

What is a Trello board?

A Trello board is a list of lists, filled with cards, used by Baltimore Heritage. A public board like this is visible to anyone with the link and can be found via Google and other search engines. Local Preservation School team members can make changes to the cards, lists and settings. Visitors can vote on selected cards and subscribe to cards for updates.

A number of different businesses and nonprofits are using Trello for public roadmapping, organizing complicated classroom projects and internal project management. We are hoping that this Trello board can be an effective way for us share more information about the preservation issues we are working on and more effectively collaborate with our board, volunteers, members and partners.

How is the board organized?

  • Topic Ideas
  • Course Ideas
  • Lesson Ideas
  • Tutorial Ideas
  • Case Studies/Examples

What can you do with the board?

  • Vote on ideas for courses, lessons and tutorials. A vote is one way of telling us that you think a topic or idea is one we should develop further.
  • Comment to share your own ideas for courses, lessons and tutorials. Comments are open to everyone!