Roofing for Historic Buildings

 Publisher: National Park Service

The resource discusses the benefits of regular inspections, monitoring, and seasonal maintenance work; provides general guidance on maintenance treatments for historic building ...

Community Tool Box

 Publisher: Work Group for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas

The Community Tool Box is a free, online resource for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change.

Building Technology Heritage Library

 Publisher: Association for Preservation Technology and Internet Archive

The Building Technology Heritage Library (BTHL) is primarily a collection of American and Canadian, pre-1964 architectural trade catalogs, house plan books and technical buildin...

Place Matters Toolkit

 Publisher: City Lore and Local Preservation School

The Place Matters Toolkit is a guidebook to help you identify, promote, and protect places that you care about. The toolkit was originally created and published by the Place Mat...

Historic American Building Survey Guide to Field Documentation

 Publisher: Historic American Building Survey and National Park Service

This Field Guide offers step-by-step instructions about how to observe, take field measurements, and create field notes and a short-form report about a historic site or structur...

Historic Neighborhoods 101

 Publisher: Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia and Local Preservation School

The guide defines a step-by-step process for looking at your neighborhood by completing a series of exercises, each of which are described and then illustrated with an actual ne...

Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution

 Publisher: Beautiful Trouble

Beautiful Trouble is a book, web toolbox and international network of artist-activist trainers whose mission is to make grassroots movements more creative and more effective.

Explore Baltimore Heritage 101

 Publisher: Baltimore Heritage and Local Preservation School

This course provides a beginner-friendly introduction on how to use archival sources to learn more about the history of Baltimore houses, buildings, and neighborhoods.

The American Yawp

 Publisher: The American Yawp

The American Yawp is a free and online, collaboratively built, open American history textbook designed for college-level history courses.

Oral History in the Liberal Arts (OHLA) Resource Hub

 Publisher: Great Lakes Colleges Association

Whether you’re looking to learn interview methodology, how to index or transcribe interviews using digital tools, or how to build a public facing project, the Oral History in th...

Syllabus Directory

 Publisher: Local Preservation School

This directory collects syllabi related to historic preservation and public history from a variety of related syllabus collections including the Vernacular Architecture Form Syl...

Environmental Design Guides

 Publisher: Environmental Design Library, University of California Berkeley

Over fifty subject guides, prepared by librarians at the UC Berkeley Environmental Design Library on topics including architecture, city and regional planning, and landscape arc...

Online Communities for Preservation

 Publisher: Local Preservation School

Communities of preservation professionals and volunteers advocates are actively organizing online through social media. Browse and join an online community to learn more about l...

Culture in Transit Toolkit

 Publisher: Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), Brooklyn Public Library, and Queens Library

The Culture in Transit Toolkit is a resource for libraries and small cultural heritage institutions interested in initiating mobile digitization services.

Community Preservation Guide

 Publisher: National Trust for Historic Preservation and Local Preservation School

Learn how to build inclusive and diverse communities to support and advocate for historic preservation.

Rural Design Guide

 Publisher: Alta Planning + Design

The Small Town and Rural Design Guide is an online design resource and idea book, intended to help small towns and rural communities support safe, comfortable, and active travel...

Tactical Urbanist's Guide to Materials & Design

 Publisher: Street Plans Collective

Tactical Urbanism is an approach to neighborhood building that uses short-term, low-cost, and scalable interventions and policies to catalyze long term change.

Caring for Heritage

 Publisher: Historic England

If you are involved in caring for a place of worship, such as a church or a synagogue, are responsible for looking after a war memorial or you want to find out how to de-clutter...