We need your help in shaping the Local Preservation School. Please join us for one of our two upcoming workshops: September 9 in New York City and October 7 in Philadelphia.

Both workshops are free with breakfast and lunch provided. We’ll start each workshop with a discussion about open online educational resources then spend the day working together to create lessons and activities to teach people how to preserve historic places. Questions? Suggestions? Let me know at pousson@baltimoreheritage.org at 301-204-3337 or on Twitter at @elipousson.

Upcoming Workshops

New York City Study Group

September 9, 8:30am to 2:00pm - sign up today!

Public School 40, Jeffrey Zeldman (CC-BY)

In New York, we are excited to partner with City Lore’s Place Matters program for a workshop building on the Place Matters toolkit created in 2007 by Marci Reaven and Emily Gertz. Working with Molly Garfinkel, Place Matters Director, we’ve started work on a new digital edition of the toolkit published under an open Creative Commons Attribution license. Our September 9 half-day workshop is an opportunity to discuss how we advocate for the preservation of culturally and architecturally significant places-and how we can teach the knowledge and skills advocates need using open online resources. This workshop takes place at the City Lore gallery at 56 East 1st Street, New York, NY 10003.

Philadelphia Study Group

October 7, 8:30am to 2:00pm - sign up today!

Photo: stand tall, juliarowe/Flickr (CC BY-NC)

In Philadelphia, we are working with the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia to focus on preservation advocacy and planning for neighborhoods—building on the foundation of the group’s 2011 publication How to Look at Your Neighborhood: A Guide for Community Organizations. We need to hear from both neighborhood activists and preservation professionals to build resources that help communities protect important historic places from demolition, promote appropriate infill, and encourage development that meets their needs. This workshop takes place at the University of Pennsylvania, Meyerson Hall - Room B2 210 S. 34th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

Explore Baltimore Heritage 101 update

Buildings leave a trail of evidence

If you are curious about the Explore Baltimore Heritage 101 class, we led earlier this summer you can take a look at our four in-class presentations below. We created these presentations using the HTML presentation framework reveal.js so anyone can reuse and adapt our presentations for your own class or workshop. Stay tuned for a more complete report and a big update to our Explore Baltimore Heritage 101 course site.

  1. Research
  2. Writing
  3. Visuals
  4. Outreach

Local Preservation School at Openlab workshop

Finally, you can now watch a lightning talk I delivered at the Openlab workshop unconference back in December offering a fast introduction to the goals of the Local Preservation School. Thanks to Michael Peter Edson, the CLIRDLF, and all the Openlab organizers and supporters for the opportunity to share our work.

Image Credits: Public School 40, Jeffrey Zeldman (CC-BY); stand tall, juliarowe/Flickr (CC BY-NC); House by Artem Kovyazin, RU (CC-BY) from The Noun Project; Snail by Pencil, SK (CC-BY) from The Noun Project.